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Botox Anonymous is awesome. It's a full-service-keep you gorgeous-business.  I've had Botox, fillers, and peels for years and Anita is the only person that I've  trusted to keep my 56 years looking it's best.  I know ... I know ... I look a lot younger, but that's all thanks to Botox Anonymous!! -K.R.

I am 60 years old but everyone I work with thinks I am 10 years younger thanks to Botox Anonymous. Anita is amazing!  She is a skilled professional that knows her business. I live in Oklahoma but fly to Houston because I won't let anyone else touch my face. Her work is outstanding, just ask anyone who knows me! -B.G.

Hi ! I give Botox Anonymous an A+++++! I use Anita V. and so do all my friends. We drive down from Houston no problem.... I love it there... its like going to a happy place...  My favorite place to go! -J.N

I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Anita back in 2004 during a consultation I had set to inquire more about botox, fillers & peels. I was only 34 at the time & extremely skeptical about the entire "cosmetic" industry but I appeared to be years older due to much sun damage and deep lines between my eyebrows & nasal labial folds caused by years of squinting, laughing and sleeping on my sides. I knew I had to give it a shot (no pun).
I had also been extremely self conscious for most of my life as to how much thinner my upper lip was compared to my perfectly full bottom lip.
Anita immediately put me at ease after explaining the process, effects & benefits of botox, fillers & peels. It was obvious from the beginning that this wasn't her first rodeo. Her knowledge & years of experience in this industry gave me such peace of mind that I have been a faithful client for almost 8 years now as well as her biggest fan.
When people ask me how old I am & I reply, "41 going on 42", their jaws drop. I am told constantly that I look like I am in my early to mid 30's.
I believe that my 40's are going to be the very best years of my life and Anita has played a HUGE part in much that I would/could never trust anyone else with my face.
She gave me confidence that I didn't even have in my 20's and that is priceless.
Look out 42!!! Bring it on!!!! -L.A.

I have had several treatments of different fillers for the past three months. There has been a world of improvement on my sagging skin. But not much sagging now and looks great! These fillers have worked wonders and helped my self-esteem greatly.
Thank you so much, Anita. -J.L.

Anita is the first injector to ever truly see my face as an artist would have. I am 58 years old and thanks to “the god of my face” I now look 10 years younger. I trust Anita wholeheartedly as she would never do more than needed! -H.C.

Anita’s warm, sweet nature makes every session something I look forward to every time! -G.T.

Anita is Stellar.  She is an artist and truly has a gift. I have gone to the best of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills for injectables and they wouldn't even be able to come into the same room with Anita.  She is in the Penthouse and they are on the 1st floor.
She visibly identifies where there is a need and fills it (no pun intended).  Most plastic surgeons inject directly into the line; however, Anita knows how to fix the source of the sag.
If I would ever move out of state or even out of the country for that matter, I would always be flying into Houston to see Anita.  Today, I drive an hour each way, but she is so worth it! Distance is a non issue.
I recently got a peel from Anita.  I used to get 20% TCA's, never again.  She always knows the best products.  I had the best peel ever. 
I will add one more caveat, she has so much integrity!  If you don't need it, she will tell you and talk you out of it. 
I will never ever ever go to anyone else but Anita! -Mo

Anita is a gifted, knowledgeable professional.  Anita has made me look and feel younger and more beautiful. I receive filler and botox. I have the most beautiful lips because of Anita. People who have known me always say, "I don't know what it is but you look beautiful". That is the best compliment!!!!!  If I moved, I would fly back because I would not let anyone else touch my face.  If you have thought of receiving botox or filler, I urge you to call Anita. -K.V.

I just wanted to say thanks for my session with you. There is a very subtle difference and I love it. -S.H.

Hello Anita,
I just celebrated my 48th birthday and have never felt to good about myself. I recently took the plunge and did the boy hair cut that I’ve always wanted to match my active lifestyle. The work you did on my face was like the icing on the cake. Now I look like I feel. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and a blessed New Year. -E.G.